Privacy Policy

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  • Local Data Storage

    Your data (license key, OpenAI key, chat conversations) stays on your device. No external server or third party has access to your information.

  • Sharing Conversations

    Using the "Share conversation" feature, conversation data is stored in a database for sharing via a link. Atua doesn't share your data with third parties.

  • No User Activity Tracking

    Atua doesn't monitor your activity or share analytics information. We respect your privacy and trust.

  • Secure Communication with OpenAI Servers

    Atua uses HTTPS to securely communicate with OpenAI servers. There's no intermediary, but if you use a proxy, you may need to configure it to allow HTTPS connections.

  • License Key Verification

    Atua verifies your license key with LemonSquezzy's payment provider API, ensuring both privacy and data security.

  • Privacy Policy Updates

    We may update this policy and notify you via this page, email, or in-app notice.

  • Contact Us

    For questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected]